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Salut à tous et bienvenue sur ce blog, élaboré en parallèle à l'émission de radio Amnésia diffusée tous les mardis de 21 à 22h sur C'rock radio (cf premier post et liens) et consacrée pour l'essentiel au mouvement postpunk ainsi qu'aux autres genres musicaux qui y sont associés (coldwave, gothique, synthpop, Ebm....).
Notez bien que chaque émission (rapidement présentée ici) est téléchargeable, et n'hésitez pas à laisser un commentaire, merci!

Hi everyone and welcome on this blog, developed in parallel to the radio show Amnesia, brodcasted every Tuesday from 21 to 22h on C'rockradio (please, see the first post and links) and devoted mainly to the postpunk movement and other genres associated (coldwave,gothic, synthpop, Ebm ....).

An English translation of each post (which is often the opening of the radio show) is available near the French one (often just after the link required to download each show). Please, don't hesitate to leave a comment! Thanks.

jeudi 2 août 2012

Once upon a time: A mozzarella show about Simple Minds (2)

Voici la playlist de l'émission / Here is the playlist of this wonderfull show:

New Gold Dream (Simple Minds) New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
Dead Vandals (7" Bside) (Johnny & The Self Abusers)  the Early Years 1977 - 1978
18-18 (Simple Minds) The Early Years (1977 - 1978)
Dancing Barefoot (Simple Minds) Neon Lights
All for You (Simple Minds) Life in a Day
Special View (Simple Minds) Bsides & Rare (1977 - 1982)
Premonition (Simple Minds) Real To Real Cacophony
Refugee (Lostboy!) Aka Jim Kerr Lostboy! 
The Aircrash Bureau (Gary Numan) Telekon
This Fear Of Gods (Simple Minds) Empires And Dance
Seeing Out The Angel (Simple Minds) Sons And Fascination
Neon Lights (Simple Minds) Neon Lights
Theme For Great Cities (Simple Minds) Sisters Feelings Call
Big Sleep (Simple Minds) New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
Someone Somewhere In Summertime  (Simple Minds) Radio Sessions (1979 - 1982)
Mr Silversmith (Lostboy!) Aka Jim Kerr Lostboy! 
King Is White & In the Crowd  (Simple Minds) Radio Sessions (1979 - 1982)
Up On The Catwalk (Simple Minds) Sparkle in the Rain
Alive and Kicking (Simple Minds) Once Upon a Time
Bring on The Dancing Horses (Simple Minds) Neon Lights
Sound In 70 Cities (Simple Minds) Bsides & Rare (1977 - 1982)
Waterfront (Simple Minds) In The City Of Light 
Karma To This Rain (Lostboy!) Aka Jim Kerr Lostboy! 

Lien pour télécharger cette émission / Link to download the show:  Once upon a time (ok!) ...

3 commentaires:

  1. !!!!
    I 'm very happy when I remember that moments my friend!
    A radioshow that I 'll always remember!
    I m proud that I ran a radioshow with the
    producer of Amnesia and of course with a producer of C'rock radio!

    CONGRATULATIONS for your excellent radioshow on C'rock radio!

    I 'm sure that C'rock radio should be very proud that a radioshow like Amnesia is in its schedule!

    thank u!

    keep on post punking Dark Dude!

    your friend

  2. hey hey hey

    would really be happy to snatch this show but the link is dead ;(
    any chance of uploading it to 1fichier?

    rock on, Dark Dude!

    --- Dadic

  3. hi, friend Dad! a valid link will follow soon, bird night.
    kisses from France